Benefits of our web design

Responsive design

  • Easy to browse on any mobile, tablet or PC
  • No unused blank space
  • images and text maximize to any size display

Google search friendly

All text will be indexed and searchable by Google. This makes your site easier to find and ranks higher. Your site will also pass Google's Mobile-Friendly Test tool. Try your site now and see how it does.

Big beautiful photo galleries

We are a photo printing agency by heart, so you know your images will always be the best they can be. Images are arranged to showcase your business, product and menu to show your best. If you don't have images we will arrange shooting them for you.

Grow your customer base

  • create email lists to do monthly eblasts
  • one touch dialing on their phone to your business
  • interactive maps to your locations and projects
  • blind email contact forms to any of your staff without revealing the emails

Social media usage, not just links

Don't just put links to your social media. Posts from your website can be automatically formatted for Facebook, Instagram and more to keep content fresh. Building your social media with related interests to gain more followers and leads to your business.

Sell online

Easily add products to sell online. Everything from physical products you ship or digital products and memberships. We can create products for you to sell. By using Anoogo as a fulfiller there is no stock to hold.

  • No stock to store
  • Create products on the fly
  • if it doesn't sell, change designs
  • No transaction fees
  • we can create digital mockups for the site
  • we can arrange photoshoots with live models and your products

Custom Forms

We can create custom forms that delivers custom content. Questionnaires, contests, polls, ordering forms and any type of paper form can be applied online. Complete with Captcha junk prevention, your forms will deliver only the content you need.

Page content by location.

The same page can be different for viewers in the USA and elsewhere. This is not a simple language translation or currency exchange, the page contents can be totally different, very useful for having varied information and pricing.

Customer interaction

We have many solutions to keep your customers interacting with you in real time. Not just simple email forms, but live chats, opt-in forms, help desks and menu ordering for restaurants. Escape high monthly costs by building your own solution with us.

Here's a few packages, contact us for more.


$ 350
  • Fast
    Ready as fast as 24 hours, get your message up now.
  • Great start
    Single Page with breaks or Wordress with 4 pages, easy to build on later.
  • SSL Industry standard HTTPS security *see below
  • SEO & Google
    Start ranking from the first day without paying extra.
  • E-Comm
    can add a shopping cart

Small Business

  • More Information
    The next step when you have more information to present.
  • Fast Results within 24 hours, completed within 1 week.
  • Photo galleries
    Sliders, galleries, many photo options.
  • WordPress Stable and Functional
  • Blog Add posts on mobile
  • Restaurant Menus and table information
  • Custom form
    Multiple choice forms for booking and more.
  • E-Comm
    add a shopping cart

Medium Business

  • MORE
    Everything from small plan plus more
  • Fast Results within 24 hours, completed within 1-2 weeks.
  • More pages & forms
  • E-Comm add a shopping cart


$ 500
  • Fast Results within 24 hours, completed within 1-2 weeks.
  • WordPress & Commerce
  • Customized
  • E-Comm Ready to add products
  • Products & Services Unlimited

Add a maintenance package, let us do all the tech stuff to keep it


Maximize your website and social media


Leverage our team to handle your entire campaign from setup, posts, and even monthly giveaways.

Add multiple sites for discounts

Maintenance & Security

$ 30 per month
  • Maintenance
    Patches & security updates are constantly applied to prevent attacks
  • Backup Backups of changes in case of emergency
  • Malware scans
    Scans for problem software that can be used to attack with anytime.
  • 2 Factor authentication
    Make sure only real people are logging in to edit

Software licenses

$ 30 per month
  • Paid licenses for your site Most software will require a paid version after the free trial, pay once and save big.
  • Avoid costly mistakes Normally you would have to decide which plugins are best and then buy licences for each, we handle it all and make the best choices for you.

Growth & Design

$ 150-300 per month
  • Design changes
    Change prices, opening hours, holiday announcements.
  • Email list
    Build an email list and send monthly newsletters that you design or we can
  • Social Media control & connection Link your site to social media and easily give access to post on Facebook without giving Facebook passwords. Easily remove anytime.
  • Product printed and fulfilled Monthly product printed with your logo as a giveaway.

Frequently Asked Questions

Web Hosting



We work with a few different hosts, but we always recommend Site Ground.



We use WordPress to build sites larger than single pages. WordPress powers almost 27 percent of the entire internet.



Use our monthly packages to maintain and expand your site every month. Great websites deliver new content without going stale.