Pillows are super soft, hand stitched and come in 8 different sizes.

Prices below for 1 piece and also quantity discounts.

Price for pillow case only, does not include insert.

INCHCM1 piece10 pieces each50 pieces each100 pieces each500 pieces each1000 pieces each2000 pieces each5000 pieces each
10x1025x25525 THB368 THB315 THB263 THB210 THB158 THB105 THB53 THB
14x1435x35600 THB420 THB360 THB300 THB240 THB180 THB120 THB60 THB
16x1640x40660 THB462 THB396 THB330 THB264 THB198 THB132 THB66 THB
18x1845x45800 THB560 THB392 THB274 THB192 THB135 THB94 THB66 THB
20x2051x51950 THB665 THB570 THB475 THB380 THB285 THB190 THB95 THB
22x2256x561,100 THB770 THB660 THB550 THB440 THB330 THB220 THB110 THB
24x2461x611,300 THB910 THB780 THB650 THB520 THB390 THB260 THB130 THB
26x2666x661,400 THB980 THB840 THB700 THB560 THB420 THB280 THB140 THB


Our pillows have a simple folded insert. No zipper means its soft all over and easy to wash.