How to make a booklet file for printing

Your booklet should be saved as a PDF in A4 size.

Single pages, not spreads. No crop marks or color bars.

We can easily create both A5 and A4 booklets from an A4.

Booklets can be from 8-100 pages and the pages must be divisible by 4. Otherwise we must add blank pages to your document.

This is due to the way books are bound, always in 4 page increments.

Booklets are always bound on the long end, even if you make a horizontal design.

Method 1: Use an app.

Any free app that can generate PDFs is a great way to make a booklet.

The most popular and free example is Pages on the Mac and iOS.

If you want to be very precise in layout, make sure to select A4 as your page size and not 8.5 in x 11 in. See Apple’s guide for instructions.

Now you can drag and drop your images onto pages, when you finish just save and export as a PDF to share with us by email.

Method 2: We design it for you.

If you don’t want to design it you can send us all the images and we can create a booklet for you.

It’s easy to do and you can arrange the order of the photos.

Just create a folder on your computer and copy all your images there. Name the images in the order you want them in the booklet.

Most designs have 2 images per page so the images will be arranged like this example: