The best file format to send us is a JPG, sized to the size you need at 300PPI. 

So for example:

if you are making a 30x40 image (canvas, sticker or anything else...)

send us a JPG sized at 30x40 inches (or cm if thats what you want) at 300PPI - HIGHEST QUALITY

30x40 at 200 PPI - GREAT QUALITY

30x40 at 100 PPI - MEDIUM QUALITY

30x40 at 72 PPI or lower - LOW QUALITY


Then when you are ready to send it...


Share a a folder with us, good for large or multiple files.


Easy web based files of any size.

Google Drive

Super easy transfers with Google.

Questions? or Want to email your file?

Contact us if you can't use these services and your file is less than 5MB.