Available in many shapes and sizes with optional die cutting


Circle and square stickers

Price for 1 sticker at each quantity

 1x1 inch2x2 inch3x3 inch4x4 inch5x5 inch
2.5x2.5 cm5x5 cm7.6x7.6 cm10x10 cm12.7x12.7 cm
50 QTYTHB 26.9THB 30.1THB 34.3THB 40.1THB 46.5
100 QTYTHB 14.8THB 17.7THB 21.6THB 26.4THB 32.2
200 QTYTHB 8.6THB 11.1THB 14.5THB 18.9THB 23.9
300 QTYTHB 6.4THB 8.7THB 12.0THB 15.9THB 20.7
500 QTYTHB 4.6THB 6.7THB 9.7THB 13.3THB 17.6
1,000 QTYTHB 3.1THB 5.0THB 7.6THB 10.8THB 14.5
2,000 QTYTHB 2.2THB 3.9THB 6.1THB 9.0THB 12.3
3000 QTYTHB 1.9THB 3.4THB 5.5THB 8.2THB 11.4
5,000 QTYTHB 1.5THB 2.9THB 4.9THB 7.4THB 11.1
10,000 QTYTHB 1.2THB 2.5THB 4.3THB 7.2THB 10.9

Rectangle and oval stickers

Price for 1 sticker at each quantity

 2x1 inch3x2 inch4x2 inch5x2 inch5x3 inch6x3 inch
5x2.5 cm7.6x5 cm10x5 cm12.7x5 cm12.7x7.6 cm15.2x7.6 cm
50 QTYTHB 28.0THB 32.2THB 33.8THB 35.4THB 39.1THB 41.7
100 QTYTHB 15.8THB 19.3THB 20.9THB 22.4THB 25.9THB 27.7
200 QTYTHB 9.5THB 12.5THB 13.9THB 15.2THB 18.3THB 20.1
300 QTYTHB 7.3THB 10.1THB 11.4THB 12.6THB 15.4THB 17.1
500 QTYTHB 5.4THB 7.9THB 9.1THB 10.2THB 12.8THB 14.3
1,000 QTYTHB 3.7THB 6.0THB 7.0THB 8.0THB 10.3THB 11.6
2,000 QTYTHB 2.8THB 4.8THB 5.7THB 6.6THB 8.6THB 9.8
3000 QTYTHB 2.4THB 4.3THB 5.1THB 5.9THB 7.8THB 8.9
5,000 QTYTHB 2.0THB 3.7THB 4.5THB 5.2THB 7.0THB 8.2
10,000 QTYTHB 1.7THB 3.2THB 3.9THB 4.7THB 6.8THB 8.0