Available in many shapes and sizes with optional die cutting

sq or round
rect or oval

Circle & square

Rectangle & oval


Circle and square stickers

sq or round

Total price for stickers at each quantity & size

 1x1 inch2x2 inch3x3 inch4x4 inch5x5 inch
2.5x2.5 cm5x5 cm7.6x7.6 cm10x10 cm12.7x12.7 cm
50 QTY500 THB550 THB650 THB900 THB1,100 THB
100 QTY700 THB1,000 THB1,200 THB1,700 THB2,100 THB
200 QTY1,200 THB1,800 THB2,200 THB3,200 THB4,000 THB
300 QTY1,500 THB2,400 THB3,000 THB4,500 THB5,700 THB
500 QTY2,000 THB3,500 THB4,500 THB7,000 THB9,000 THB
1000 QTY3,000 THB6,000 THB8,000 THB13,000 THB17,000 THB

Rectangle and oval stickers

rect or oval

Total price for stickers at each quantity & size

 2x1 inch3x2 inch4x2 inch5x2 inch5x3 inch6x3 inch
5x2.5 cm7.6x5 cm10x5 cm12.7x5 cm12.7x7.6 cm15.2x7.6 cm
50 QTY500 THB600 THB700 THB750 THB950 THB1,050 THB
100 QTY900 THB1,100 THB1,300 THB1,400 THB1,800 THB2,000 THB
200 QTY1,600 THB2,000 THB2,400 THB2,600 THB3,400 THB3,800 THB
300 QTY2,100 THB2,700 THB3,300 THB3,600 THB4,800 THB5,400 THB
500 QTY3,000 THB4,000 THB5,000 THB5,500 THB7,500 THB8,500 THB
1000 QTY5,000 THB7,000 THB9,000 THB10,000 THB14,000 THB16,000 THB

DIE CUT Stickers


Total price for stickers at each quantity & size

 2x2 inch3x3 inch4x4 inch5x5 inch
5x5 cm7.6x7.6 cm10x10 cm12.7x12.7 cm
50 QTY700 THB850 THB1,200 THB1,500 THB
100 QTY1,300 THB1,600 THB2,300 THB2,900 THB
200 QTY2,400 THB3,000 THB4,400 THB5,600 THB
300 QTY3,300 THB4,200 THB6,300 THB8,100 THB
500 QTY5,000 THB6,500 THB10,000 THB13,000 THB
1000 QTY9,000 THB12,000 THB19,000 THB25,000 THB