Boost your event with smart online and offline marketing

Keep your branding consistent and organized.

A phone with a qr code next to it.

Mini web site with data capture

Animated mini site ready to show your event details.

Mini site with data capture form
Contests and promos

Posters and table tents with QR

All printed media has QR codes to the mini site

Holiday and seasonal
Contests and promos
A screen shot of a website with a variety of books on it.
A woman wearing a burger craze t - shirt and a pair of shorts.

Prizes and apparel encourages entry

Apparel is a great evergreen promotion for your business and great incentive to enter in the fun.

Promo pack 1
great for any event
/ ฿12,500 Thai Baht
  • mini site with form
  • 10 posters
  • 50 table tents
  • 1 hoodie
  • 10 cotton shirts