Easy to use

Set your own prices.

Make products with your logo

Use thousands of our graphics to create holiday and seasonal items.

No startup fees compared to traditional printing .

Easy to delete non selling items. No stock means no cost to you to experiment with designs.


Not much. You will only need the artwork you intend to sell with a legal license to sell it.

The selling price of products is set by you. We charge you a wholesale price with a discount off our normal price. You can then markup by any amount you choose and keep all profits beyond what we charge you.

We don’t send a bill. Fees are only incurred after your customer buys. We then do a revenue share and deduct our cost and pay you the difference.

Please keep in mind that printing on many locations is more labour and charged per location printed.

For example printing on 2 shoulders and the back, is more expensive than only large print on the front.

Yes, we have extra options you can choose.

We make an e-commerce website for your products. Your customer browses the site, selects items and can pay with credit cards or Paypal.

We collect the funds, create the products, package and ship anywhere in the world.

Every month we send you statistics of sales and make a deposit to your bank account or Paypal account.

Yes, we recommend that after your products are on your site you place an order. That way you see exactly what process your customer sees including payment. You will get paid at the end of the month same as a customer placed order.

Yes, for people who want to see behind the scenes you can login anytime and see stats & sales for themselves. you can also do more advanced things:

create email lists

create products

set prices

and more

Standard Shop

Free to start, no commitments
  • Your name on our subdomains
  • Hosting
  • Shopping cart
  • 15% commssion

Premium Shop

Free to start, monthly sales minimum ฿15,000 / $450
  • Your name on our subdomains
  • Hosting
  • Shopping cart
  • Our designers time to create products with your logo
  • 20% commission


Traditonal Print
Screen Printing

the old way
  • You must commit to print a minimum of 200 per design
  • Very expensive startup costs
  • Need space & staff to manage the inventory.
  • Already printed - Fixed number of each size
  • Already printed - Designs can't be changed
  • Already printed - Fabrics can't be changed
  • Expensive to do holiday designs
  • Lowest price per shirt

Digital On Demand Print
DTG - Direct to Garment

with Anoogo
  • Nothing printed until ordered.
  • Zero startup costs
  • Zero inventory
  • Sizes can be changed anytime
  • Designs can be changed anytime
  • Fabrics can be changed to hoodies or anything else
  • Flexibility to do holiday or seasonal designs
  • Many benefits to print on demand