Wall and Window Decor


The ultimate material is super easy peel and stick polyester fabric that adheres to most any surfaces.

It can be easily placed, removed and re-positioned hundreds of times, leaving no residue or damaging most paint or walls.

Temporary or permanent, available in 20, 40 or 60 inch sections to panel any wall.

It’s the easiest way to decorate walls and entire rooms. It can also be used on backlit panels.


High quality Avery sticker material has super bright colors.

It can be used on glass or most smooth surfaces and cut to special shapes and sizes.

It needs some prep work with soapy water to be placed in position and not meant to be removed unless its being replaced.

Much more difficult to install than fabsticker but also less expensive.

It will completely block both sides of glass. One side is graphic, other side is white. It can also be used on backlit panels.


Image on the outside and full unobstructed view from inside looking out.

It can be used on glass for separating rooms and is a great way to advertise to the street without blocking the view from the inside.

Easy to stick with soapy water which allows it to be placed in position.


Opaque printing allows light to pass and some visibility thru the design while providing privacy on both sides.

It can be printed with full color or die cut for logos and shapes without any print